Short hair and Long hair

It is a sand made from minerals, vegetable fibers and essential oil that eliminates odors. Eliminates flies, mosquitoes, bacteria and parasites and prevents the formation of fungi and mites. Due to its properties it eliminates odors, the product captures the bad smell and releases a pleasant talcum smell. The cat feels calm and protected since any indication of the feline's presence is neutralized. The animal is attracted by the composition of the product to relieve itself in the litter box with MagicSand. Cats that urinate all over the house, go to the sandbox. It is not necessary to remove the urine as it disappears when the sand is remixed.

The professional format is a 12 L box. 1 box of MagicSand does the job of up to 12 5 kg sandbags. The duration will depend on the variables of the cat's breed, climate, aeration, handling ... etc. The savings in time, waste and labor is impressive. In all our processes we take into account environmental regulations and it is for this reason that we only use natural products, both in the base, vegetable fibers, minerals, as well as in the additives, essential oils, enzymes, all natural and ecological. As a consequence we can say that our products have the ECOLOGICAL seal.