MagicSand 7.5 L

MagicSand 7.5 L

7.5L boxed cat litter. The main characteristics come from its components, 100x100 natural, since in all our processes we take into account environmental regulations both in the base of minerals and vegetable fibers, as well as in the addition of essential oil and enzymes. All this natural and ecological that make it really special and unmatched.The contribution of the essential oil captures the bad smell and releases a pleasant smell of talc and the natural minerals are able to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, bacteria, parasites and prevent the formation of mites and fungi thus providing greater hygiene, cleanliness, health, convenience and comfort for the animal.


Regarding its maintenance, it is not necessary to remove the urine, since it disappears when the sand is remixed. 1 box of MagicSand does the job of up to 12 5kg sandbags Saving time, waste and labor is impressive.


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