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To make an excellent bed, a height of approximately 10 cm is necessary, for this:

For a 3x3 box we need 15 boxes.

For a 3.5x3.5 box we need 20 boxes.

For a 4x3 box we need 20 boxes.

For a 4x4 box we need 25 boxes.

(1 big bag of 400kg equals 34 boxes.)

The estimated average consumption is approximately 10% of the initial litter, varying depending on the characteristics of the horse such as the time of stabling, the climate, the breed of the animal or time of year. The product is dosed at a rate of 80 liters / m2 (about 8 cm minimum of base in the barn). Sandbed Compact by Ecojass performs the agglomeration and deodorization effect at the moment that the animal urinates, it is at this moment when the oil that eliminates odor, giving off a slight herbal aroma. In the daily cleaning, we will remove the feces, and the compacted part will be removed with the rest of the bed, removing the most saturated part. We will add the same amount of new product to always keep the initial amount of the product at a minimum. We will remove the bed daily, if possible 2 times a day. By following these indications, we will always keep active the compaction and deodorization power of SandBed Compact by Ecojass, as well as its effectiveness.

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