Natural Sanyt Dry 12L

Natural Sanyt Dry 12L

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SanyDry by Ecojass Natural Dryer is a powerful deodorizing agent with a water-soluble fixative. It has a broad spectrum of action, which neutralizes the odors caused by the urine and feces of stabled horses in the litter. Due to its composition, it acts as an active drying agent, that is, it absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment, dries constantly by aeration and absorbs moisture again, making the animal remain dry.

It is a solid product that is applied by mixing it with the vegetable fibers that make up the bedding of housed animals.

  • SanytDry

    The product has a pleasant herbal smell, which is released when it receives the animal's urine.


    - Does not cake

    - Provides a soft surface, through which air circulation is possible, so that excess moisture can dissipate

    - Eliminates Odors

    - Due to the properties of the 100% Natural essential oil, specific for horses


VAT Included