Diatomaceous earth 25kg bag

Diatomaceous earth 25kg bag

The benefits of Diatomaceous Earth are many, for that reason we have included it in the composition of our products such as MagicSand, SandBed Compact, NaturalBed and EcoJas Horses Track.


- Its formation comes from the great accumulation of algae on the bottom of the oceans, which after many years fossilize giving rise to diatomaceous earth. It differs from other minerals of siliceous origin due to its biological origin.


- Its deworming action was not discovered by humans, animals already used it in ancient times by bathing with Diatomaceous earth to get rid of insects and parasites that annoyed them.


- Thanks to its insecticidal and deworming property, it minimizes the impact of flies and mosquitoes, bacteria and parasites and prevents the formation of fungi and the creation of mites, since when they come into contact or ingest it, this natural insecticide binds to their exoskeleton and achieves their dehydration, causing the death of the insect.


- The main advantage compared to dewormers of chemical origin, is that insects do not generate resistance or immunity towards it and their insecticidal capacity remains intact over time.


- Complete control of insects is not immediate and may take a few days to completely eliminate them, unlike chemical insecticides that act quickly but leave toxic residues with a residual effect. Diatomaceous earth, when working slower, releases non-toxic active waste that remains in the environment much longer.


- In addition, its use also favors the wound healing action since the silica is solubilized and is transported by the plasma.


- Last but not least is its environmental impact, since thanks to being a natural and ecological component it does not harm the environment.

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