Clean Urine Smell carafe 5L

Clean Urine Smell carafe 5L

  • Storage conditions

One year in its original sealed container, protected from light and at a temperature below 25ºC. Six months in use condition.


  • Regulatory information

This product is not classified as dangerous according to European directive 88/379 CEE.

  • Clean Urine Smell in a 5L bottle.

    • How to use

    It is applied by spraying, trying to make the drop as small as possible. The smaller the drop, the faster the effect of the product. The product is applied to the area whose odor is to be neutralized. It is water based that evaporates quickly and does not leave stains.

    In the long term, the product attacks most plastics and rubbers.


    Clean Urine Smell should be applied every time bad odor episodes occur.

VAT Included